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Welcome to Moniz Surf Lodge

"From relaxing sunset surf sessions to cozy bonfires and bbq evenings on our terrace, we invite you to join our community spirited lodge and celebrate your life on earth for which you came for."

Located in the heart of Ferrel, a charming village a stone's throw from Peniche Bay that consistently blesses us with clean, easy and mellow waves, we are the perfect destination for longboarders and for the begginer to intermediate surfer looking to improve their technique.

Peniche is a true wave playground 

surrounded by surf spots that work at virtually any given swell and wind direction - making it possible to surf year round.


We are a home away from home for surfers from all walks of life created by a family of Portuguese surfers


For us, it is an affair of the heart to forge a place where travelers can come together, relax and dive into a surfing lifestyle filled with passion, ease and pure joy. 


With the capacity to host up to eight guests in our luxurious and affordable rooms, we invite you to chill out and enjoy relaxed sunset surf sessions, cozy bonfires and bbq evenings on our terrace and, ultimately, to join our community spirited lodge to celebrate this life on earth for which we came for.

Beyond comfort and good vibes, we offer high quality surf instruction whether you are a first time beginner or an intermediate rider looking to take it to the next level.


For seasoned surfers, we have space to store your board and wetsuit as well as tips for the best local spots daily.

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